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The Papua New Guinea Human Resources Institute (PNGHRI) mission is to increase the effectiveness of people in achieving organization objectives and in improving their well-being at work. Professional affiliation to PNGHRI is not a legal requirement yet it is a compulsory professional requirement to be recognized as part of a profession and accredited under a professional body. PNGHRI aims to regulate the practice of HR to meet world standard best practice HRM for every HR practitioners in PNG and to be on par with the rest of the world. Through its international affiliation, individual affiliations to PNGHRI are also recognized in the Asia-Pacific region and given an independent membership grading accordingly to measure that standard

International Affiliation

The membership accreditation by PNGHRI is in line with the Asia Pacific Federation of Human Resource Managers (APFHRM), which PNGHRI is affiliated to. APFHRM is a regional body that governs the practices of human resource management in the Asia-Pacific region under the World Federation of People Management Association (WFPMA) guidelines and standards set by the United Nation (UN) framework on human capital development. According to APFHRM homepage ( WFPMA was founded in 1979 to aid the development and improve the effectiveness of professional people management all over the world. WFPMA is an international NGO network that set the standards for every regional body like APFHRM to adapt and accredit HR practitioners in each member country with the latest development in HR practices and world’s best HR practice.

According to WFPMA, every country must form an association and must have membership of more than 200 HR personnel, conduct professional development trainings in HR practices and principles, Employment Laws, Occupational Health and Safety (OHS), provide competency seminars and held an annual conference with AGM every year to qualify for affiliation to the regional body.


The objectives of PNGHRI professional membership are in line with the WFPMA standards and APFHRM requirements which are basically to:


  1. develop professional skills and attain high standards of performance in Human Resources Management amongst members; and
  2. promote understanding of Human Resource Management and its contribution to the effectiveness of organizations; and
  3. advance recognition of the Institute as an authoritative professional body in all matters concerning people at work in all provinces within Papua New Guinea; and
  4. apply the profits (if any) or any other income in promoting the objective of the Institute.


Members can achieve best practice standards that will lead to Certified HR Practitioners (CHRP-PNG).


The PNGHRI has 5 major membership accreditation grading level for Individual professionals who join and may admit qualified persons to the following grades of Membership below with different level of proficiencies and competencies;



Membership Grades





Certified HR Practitioner



Cover HR L3, Law2, ExDev, TOT and have more than 5yrs HRM Experience in PNG workforce.





Prerogative of PNGHRI to admit based on commitment and continuous support to PNGHRI





Senior professional with practical & theoretical exposer to all 50 HR practices & principles in PNG





Junior professional occasionally exposed to all 50 HR practices & principles in PNG or other





New to HR and management career and determined to excel in that profession





Any business studies student undertaking HR and management studies with less practical exposer


These membership accreditations grading are not permanent and subject to changes based on individual commitment, support and contribution to the HR fraternity and the work of PNGHR. And finally, will lead to Certified HR Practitioner (CHRP-PNG)


The PNGHRI currently has a membership of over 1,000 members and is still attracting new members. PNGHRI is strong as its membership and would encourage everyone to apply and join the network.




Professional recognition from a professional body reflects an individual’s independent professional status which is far more valuable. The benefits come in as service to each individual member. Some of the notable membership indirect services and benefit are further explained below;

1.  Membership Discount

Members benefit with discount at Conferences, Luncheons, Courses and Workshops plus a monthly professional update seminar. Members are also provided with monthly newsletter update and features.

2.  Networking opportunities

There are great networking opportunities amongst members and they are the first to be updated on latest changes and issues that will affect the work of HR and management in the country. Members are also the first to benefit from any support or partnership engagement through PNGHRI like Free HR services from graduates secondment engagements and GDS and scholarship programs.


Researches, surveys and headhunting opportunities are rare benefits and remain the prerogative of PNGHRI to assist

3.  Professional Studies – BBM/MHRM

The UPNG partnership professional studies degree and masters degree program in HRM are tiered to membership accreditations so that every individuals are provided the opportunity to reach their highest potential and achieve global best practice HRM

4.  APFHRM recognition

Besides, membership is a professional recognition and it is the measure of an individual’s performance from a professional perspective against best practice standards. Also, your individual membership with PNGHRI is recognized by member countries to the APFHRM

5.  Council Members Opportunity

Individual members under the grades of MEMBER and FELLOW are also eligible to be on the council and can be nominated during the Annual General Meeting.

6.  Annual Best HR Awards

PNGHRI also has various annual best practice awards to recognize Best HR Practitioner and all individual members are eligible to be screened through annually under that. This also includes student members as well.




Membership application Fee is: K165.00 plus 10% VAT (NON REFUNDABLE)


        AFFILIATE            K165.00 (VAT Inclusive)

        ASSOCIATE          K220.00 (VAT Inclusive)

        MEMBER              K330.00 (VAT Inclusive)

        FELLOW               K440.00 (VAT Inclusive)

        Students               K20.00 (VAT Inclusive)


The application fee is K165.00 (inclusive of VAT) to affiliate with PNGHRI. Every new member is required to pay that amount. After being graded by the council, Members pay the remaining balance according to their grades.


AFFILIATES pay K165.00 only same as application fee (VAT included),

Associates pay K220.00 (additional K55, VAT included),

Members pay K330.00 (additional K165, VAT included), and

Fellows pay K440.00 (additional K275 inclusive of VAT).


We are as strong as our membership, so please encourage your colleagues to join the Institute. For further information, contact the PNGHRI office in Waigani on Telephone (+675) 323 5022 or Fax (+675) 323 5344




This category of professional recognition is awarded to individuals who have met all requirements of the institution as stipulated in section 4 above and are required to provide continuous support to the HR fraternity. It is the council’s prerogative to admit certain individuals to this status which is also the highest status of this profession. These individuals are deeming to be the HR professionals who are highly competent and can perform HR roles anywhere in the world including the APFHRM member countries. And again, it is a professional compulsory requirement and the fees are renewed annually at K1, 100.00 per year.